Spam Monitor

Spam Monitor

Snuff out spam from your inbox


  • Powerful spam filtering
  • Can be set up very easily
  • Lets you block all mails from countries notorious for spammers
  • Supports a huge range of email clients


  • Aggressive mode is a little too strict
  • Won't protect your Webmail

Very good

Call me ungrateful but I'm fed up with being offered millions of dollars by my distinguished Nigerian relatives or the inheritence of my dog's grandma's Indian cousin. In fact, I'm starting to question whether these guys are even genuine or not. If only I had a program that could weasel out junk mail from the real deal. Oh, hang on, here comes my download of Spam Monitor. Could this be the solution to my quandry?

The answer is yes, for this program is designed to help separate spam messages from genuine emails. It's great because it's aimed largely at non tech-savy users, providing a simple means of stubbing out spam before it reaches your inbox without you having to configure a number of elaborate email filters. There are three different configurations to choose from: Minimum, Normal or Aggressive. I would personally recommend to run it in Normal mode because I found Aggressive was a little too harsh, and marked a lot of my ordinary emails as spam, which is quite annoying. Nevertheless, you do get the option to whitelist certain email addresses or domains to allow them through in future.

Setting up the filters is a very straightforward process and there are plenty of tools bundled with Spam Monitor that can heighten its effectiveness. For instance, the program contains a useful option for blocking all mail from China, Taiwan and Korea, which, unless you have contacts in these places, is very handy because these countries are the source of a lot of junk mail. Although the app can't protect your Webmail, it supports a large range of POP clients, making it a fine tool for ridding your inbox of nonsense.

Spam Monitor is easy to install and manage but don't be fooled by its perceived simplicity, behind the scenes is a world-class spam filtering technology continuously protecting your Inbox. If you have tried other spam filters and found them too complex or ineffective you should try Spam Monitor.

Spam Monitor runs in the background from your system tray, automatically detecting spam email as it arrives in your inbox. Using your local black-list, white-list and spam filter plug-ins, as well as publicly available black lists, Spam Monitor will detect and mark spam messages before they reach you.

For advanced users, Spam Monitor offers a powerful set of customization features including plug-in architecture so that new spam filter features can be easily downloaded. Spam Monitor will work with all mail clients that use POP3 or IMAP4 mailboxes including Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla Mail and Eudora. For simple setup it includes a step-by-step configuration wizard which automatically detects and updates compatible mail clients to use Spam Monitor.

Spam Monitor


Spam Monitor

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